Can You Go For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro If You Are Afraid Of Heights?

Kilimanjaro TrekkingThere are numerous people in the world who love to explore different parts of the world in their own ways but fear of certain things like going in the dark, going alone and the fear of drowning in the water and lots of such mental issues discourage them from taking the big leap. Likewise, the fear of height also hampers many brilliant hikers from reaching the stars that can be only possible by taking the initial steps such as Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Now, there are ways through which you can overcome the fear of heights such as:-

• Don’t take a steep route during the first hike.
• When you are trekking the mountain, don’t look down through the edges of the mountain that can aggravate your fears.
• Now whenever fear tries to hold a grip on you, keep on hiking the mountain while singing a song or chatting with your tour group members.

There are many Kilimanjaro Trekking Routes to reach the top of the majestic mountain organized by Kilele Climb Tours Ltd that will quite efficiently erase your fear of heights if you clearly listen to the instructions our expert guide:-

The Shira Cathedral

Shira CathedolWhile Climbing Kilimanjaro through the Shira route, you will get your first and formidable obstacle in the form of Shira Cathedral:-

1) This obstacle is one of the best ways to overcome your fears. It is going to be an acclimatizing hike that ends up at an elevation of 12,800 ft.
2) From this height, you will be able to view the amazing rainforest clouds covering Mt. Meru.

The Barranco Wall

In order to cure yourself further, you must have to face some real obstacles such as the notorious Barranco Wall that will prove to be the next level in overcoming those fears:-

1) The camp near the Barranco wall is quite large & the campers from both the Lemosho Routes & Machame Routes will camp here. It is a great encouragement to see so many campers and hikers all around. You can just deduce that Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro through this route is quite safe.
2) Not only that, during the interaction session at the camp, you will get the chance to speak with numerous climbers wh0 will eventually reveal that they are the first-time hikers giving you a deep sense of relief.
3) Anyway, listening to your expert guide on the trek promptly will help you in making the climb easy & swift.

The Kissing Rock

The Kissing RockConsider this as your third & last level of completing the obstacle course of Tanzania Climbing Adventures in dealing with unnecessary apprehensions:-

1) Kissing rock is a section of Barranco wall and can make some of the climbers to have anxiety issues while crossing it.
2) Just hold the rock firmly & crossover the exposed section very easily. You can watch numerous video blogging sites regarding kissing rock for Climbing Kilimanjaro.
3) It is going to make your climb easy if you make your own preparations training and prepare mentally before making the climb. Moreover, you are in the safe hands of Kilele Climb Tours Ltd.

Thus, there is nothing to worry about. You are going to lose your own fear of heights forever by Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. We don’t have any problem if you want to go with the easier versions of the climb. Just visit us @ to choose the route of your own.

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