Tanzania Festivals – Replicating The Cultural Varieties Of The Country

Festivals bring people together, narrating the tales and exhibiting the culture. A riot of colors, enormous fanfare, interesting rituals, Music, Sun, sea, colorful clothes, folk dance, and happy faces Tanzania holds some great things to see and experience which is a lot more than game drives and safari. With Tanzania Cultural Tours in your kitty, you and your family members will be thrilled to participate & enjoy the wide variety of cultural festivals in the land.

Let’s have a quick view of these festivals and let’s figure out why it is so important in the life of Tanzanians:-

Sautiza Busara Festival

The name of this festival literally means sounds of wisdom in Swahili & takes place in Zanzibar every year. It is a music festival that showcases the rich African & Swahili music. It is a four-day event which is attended by thousands of people from across the globe while coming here for Tanzania Safari Tours.

Mwaka Kogwa Festival

It is a Zoroastrian holiday for the celebration of the Shirazi New Year. It is a day when people of Zanzibar get together to celebrate the festival with fun & frolic and even strangers are also welcomed to participate. It starts in the third week of July. This festival is celebrated for ending all the misunderstandings & starting the New Year afresh.

Serengeti Cultural Festival

It is an annual event that gathers people from across the world at Serengeti National Park and the Lake Zone. It is one of the top festivals of Tanzania & is a popular traditional art & dance festival that helps the safari visitors to connect with the locals through the Cultural Tours In Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro Marathon

Marathon happens in numerous places on earth but this one is quite different & unique one because it is held every year in March around the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a 42.2 km run which starts and end at the Moshi stadium.

Zanzibar International Film Festival

Initially, it is known as the ‘Festival of Dhow’ countries. It is the largest film & arts festival that commences every year in July at Old Fort, Zanzibar. Each year, cult films from South East Asia, Middle East, Latin America & other Indian Ocean Island countries are featured here along the best of African art films.

Bagamoyo Arts Festival

This Art Festival is organised annually in the month of October in the arts capital of Tanzania also known as Bagamoyo. Tourists who are on Tanzania Cultural Tours either participate or just simply observe & rejoice the events such as acrobatics, and traditional dance and drama performances. It is organized by Bagamoyo College of Arts.

Goat Races

Have you ever seen boat races in your life? If you have not, then please visit the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam that organises the goat races every year for a charity to help the vulnerable children. It is held in October.

Nyama Choma Festival

Are you hungry? If you really are then taking part in Nyoma Choma Festival will help you a lot in filling your stomach during the Cultural Tours Safari Tanzania. Food plays a major role in this festival. Nyoma Choma literally means ‘roasted meat’ and Tanzania holds this barbeque festival every year to celebrate this recipe. Actually, this festival is a paradise for non-veg food lovers. It takes place in March of every year.

Swahili Fashion Week

It is the biggest annual fashion event in the East and Central Africa and it is held in the last month of every year. The sole reason for organising the event is to provide a platform from the designers of the Swahili speaking countries of Africa to showcase the talent in the African sector.

Zanzibar Beach And Water Sports Festival

It is held yearly as a three-day event to celebrate the beach life of Tanzania. It is a festival that includes lots of water sports such as beach football, volleyball and rugby along with bike racing, kite surfing and goat races.

Unification Day

It is one of Tanzania’s national festivals and is a big day for the people of Tanzania. It is celebrated every year to honour the union of Zanzibar & Tanzania that forms today’s United Republic of Tanzania. It takes place all over Tanzania.

All these festivals that take place throughout the year unify Tanzania in a great way. A great deal of these festivals also encourages tourists to go for Tanzania Cultural Tours and moreover everyone is free to customize the safari packages in a way that will help them in enjoying some of these festivals during their vacation. Please visit our site @ kileleclimb.com to know more.

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