What Our Kilimanjaro Porters Do For You?

Hundreds & thousands of mountaineers head for the summit every day and with a ton of gear & backpack of the customers, but do you know who carry this huge load for us? Obviously the Porters and without them, the hike is almost impossible. Just imagine, unavailability of these porters even for a single day will cost the entire industry of tourism in Tanzania more than a billion dollars. If you really determined for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, then hiring a porter is critically important.

Following facts will help you to understand the importance of the porters while going for the big climb:-

Carrying Your Equipment And Supplies

  • Their main job is to carry the equipment and supplies for trekkers who are Climbing Kilimanjaro with all their determination & grit and they cannot fulfill their objective unless the porters help them in such testing time.
  • The equipment they carry involves gear and tools that are required to make a portable tent. Besides that, they also carry food supplies that will be cooked at the campsites after reaching certain heights.

They Make Camps For You

  • Yes, porters help a lot in making camps for you. Making tents at such heights is extremely difficult especially during the dusk or night.
  • So always hire porters who are extremely experienced and never mistreat your porters who are doing all the heavy & hard-hitting work for you. If possible, also provide them with tips from time to time to appreciate their work.

Support You Physically

  • Porters support you physically whenever your health parameters come down while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro by providing proper health care and medication for treating issues like altitude sickness.
  • They will also provide you with emergency oxygen cylinders as well as check your heartbeat from time to time and they are also trained to save you from other altitude oriented health risks such as Hypothermia.

Support You Mentally

  • While Climbing Kilimanjaro they will also encourage you to move forward mentally and will also sing some spirit elevating songs during the climb that will make you psychologically strong & energetic to move forward.
  • Apart from that they also provide some sound trekking advice to the clients during the entire hike which helps the Mountaineers to climb effectively and avoid difficulties.

They Prepare Food For You

  • Apart from carrying luggage and being very big support & help for the rock climbers in scaling the mountains, they can also cook tasty & delicious food at various intervals.
  • These food items are capable of providing energy to the body of the climber who has to Climb Kilimanjaro and reach the summit on time. So the energy-oriented food materials help a lot in maintaining the stamina in the body that is necessary to move forward.

Give Helpful Tips, What Make Your Kilimanjaro Climb Easy

  • These porters are experienced enough to give you a lot of helpful tips on the way such as suggesting you climb high & sleep low that will probably assist you in avoiding the altitude sickness on the mountain.
  • You will also get some various advice from them such as climbing slowly and slowly and adding one day extra for acclimatization that will make your climb more enjoyable.

There is no doubt that whatever these porters do for the visitors in Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is praiseworthy and they must also be paid handsomely so that they can keep up the good work. To know more about the Kilimanjaro porters, please visit us @ kileleclimb.com.

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