East African Destinations A Compersive Guide To Africa

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There is no one best destination in Africa for safari, however there is a best safari destination relying upon your one of a kind list of things to get. Before choosing where to go on safari you have to think about when you're going, who you're going with, your budget, what exercises you need to do and what animals you need to see on safari. We have laid out our top safari destinations and why our specialists prescribe them.

Tanzania Destination
Establish - 9 December 1961
Per Year Visitors - 1,093,000
Most Visited Countries - Europians & USA
Rating - 5
National Park - 16
Capital - Dodoma
National Flag -
Language- Swahili
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Kenya Destinations
Establish - 12 December 1963
Per Year Visitors -20,000
Most Visited Countries - Europians & USA & Netherlands
Rating - 3
National Park - 10
Capital - Nairobi
National Flag -
Language- Swahili
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Uganda Destination
Establish - 1860
Per Year Visitors - 1.8 Millions
Most Visited Countries - Europians
Rating - 4.5
National Park - 10
Capital - Kampala
National Flag -
Language- Swahili
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