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Kilimanjaro stands at a height of 5,895 metres above the sea level is Africa’s highest mountain peak. Placed among the seven summits of the world, it is assumed to be the easier one to climb as it requires lesser technicalities. The Kilimanjaro Routes offer wonderful experiences from grasslands, tropical rain forests, desert uplands to ice caped peak.  And in all this, Kilimanjaro Climbing Guide extends never ending support throughout your journey.

Kilimanjaro is regarded as the most popular summit of the world, attracts nearly 50,000 trekkers every year. As a climber, you can motivate yourself for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with the Success Ratings of various Routes. The Kilimanjaro Success Rate depends upon….

  • 1. The Route Of The Trek: The longer the route or more time spent on the mountain increases the chance of success. Slow gradual ascent not only goes easy on your health but also assure success.
  • 2. The Ability To Acclimatize: The more time you spend on the mountain, the better you adapt and acclimatize to Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness.

Therefore, it is quite essential to study the route profile before you begin. It is always advisable to select the route that have climb high and sleep low profile. Climbing to the higher sections during the day and sleeping on the lower sections will give the body required rest and ample time to adjust to the rising altitude.

There Are Five Popular Routes To Reach To The Peak. Let’s Find Out The Success Rates Through Those Routes.

Machame Route: With a high success rate, Machame route is the most popular route. With climb high and sleep low profile, this route has a success rate as high as 85 percent in its 7 days’ itinerary.

Marangu Route: Marangu route is well known as tourist route and is preferred due to its en route hut accommodations. The

 Marangu route’s 6 days’ itinerary has a success rate of 70 percent while its 5 days’ trek records just 60 percent success rate.

Rongai Route: It is the quietest and the driest route making it accessible throughout the year. The success rate of Rongai 7 days and 6 days itinerary varies between 80 to 70 percent making it a decent choice for the trekkers.

Lemosho Route: Starting from the western side of Kilimanjaro, it is the most popular and beautiful trek route. The beautiful panoramic view that is offers is worth mentioning. Stretching over a period of 7 to 8 days’ itinerary provides ample time for acclimatization. With climbing high and sleeping low profile this route ensures 85 to 90 percent success rate. 

Northern Circuit Route: With the highest success rate of 95 to 97 percent stretching over a period of 9 to 10 days’ itinerary makes this route the best of all for all the climbers. The process of acclimatization is suitable for every individual.

Overall Kilimanjaro Success Rate varies between 65 to 70 percent yearly. Mount Kilimanjaro guide are professional offering proper guidance to the trekkers. All the related information is laid in front of the trekkers so that they can make wise decisions related to the climb.  Proper guidelines are shared related to altitude sickness, its endurance, effects and ways to overcome it.

Kilimanjaro Summit Success Rate statistics has been quite encouraging. It has almost doubled in the last decade. Result being 2-3 months of rigorous training before the summit, regular monitoring of the condition of trekkers by the respective guides during the climb, medical check-up in regular intervals while ascending, proper rest and recoup, selection of suitable route, assuring acclimatization with every rise in altitude.

Kilimanjaro Guide facilitates oxygen cylinders and portable stretchers during climbs and also make arrangements for rescue through helicopter evacuation during emergencies. Appropriate precautions definitely have helped in bringing down the rate of casualties thereby assuring safe climb for the trekkers during Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

At Kilele Climb, we guide you through different stages of planning from research till the day of summit so that you accomplish the trek successfully. We are really glad to motivate every traveller to reach to the top of Africa! To start preparing for Kilimanjaro Climb with us you can connect with us!


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