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About Northern Circuit Route

The Newest and longest Route on Mt Kilimanjaro with High Summit Success. The Northern Circuit is the most up to date and longest route on Mt Kilimanjaro. It was opened for trekkers looking for a remote and broadened Mt Kilimanjaro Trek. It is viewed as perhaps the best route on Mt Kilimanjaro as it offers pleasant all-encompassing landscape, is peaceful, offers generally excellent acclimatization time and in this way has coming about high summit achievement. Beginning from the west, this is the main route that movements north around Mt. Kilimanjaro. It crosses almost the whole mountain before the summit push. This is totally the most picturesque way accessible and has no traffic on its northern face.

Travel Tips

  • Choose your route carefully. Northern Circuit Route experiences less traffic, difficulty, sights, and scener.
  • Pack the right gear and double-check for surety.
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
  • Altitude sickness can be felt anytime, so get ready. If you feel any symptoms, then inform your guide immediately.
  • Pace yourself- follow your guide and taking your time and enjoy the views.


  • Kilimanjaro has Five Ecological Zones from the lowest to the highest altitude.
  • The lowest elevation climate zone is the bush land good for cultivation.
  • The rain forest zone bursts with diversity.
  • The heath/moorland Zone is semi-alpine zone, which is characterized by heath-like vegetation and abundant wild flowers.
  • The alpaline desert experiences little rainfall, so the vegetation is also thin. The arctic zone is characterized by ice and rock, so there is virtually no plant or animal life at this altitude.


Since Mount Kilimanjaro is a large geographic structure, so it creates its own weather. The weather of Kilimanjaro is completely unpredictable. The dominant trade and anti-trade winds that pass through the Mountain Kilimanjaro, carry moisture from the ocean. When it hits the mountain, creates clouds and precipitation. The weather is also heavily influenced by changes in altitude. January to March is the first dry season on Kilimanjaro. April and May are usually the wettest months and not recommended for trekking. June to October is the busiest trekking season

Pro & Cons

  • The Route offers climb high sleep low profile
  • Offers one of the highest summit success rates
  • Not possible to trek in the wet season
  • As the route is longer, trekkers can experience trekking fatigue
  • The route is more expensive than other routes

General Information

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Northern Circuit Route Map

Northern Circuit Route
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  • The Northern Circuit Route is the longest route on Mount Kilimanjaro
  • The route offers one of the highest summit success rates with climb high sleep low profile
  • This is the newest route
  • The route provides the best conditions for acclimatisation and great scenic variety.
  • Northern Circuit Route can be completed in 8 or 9 days. 9 days is most recommended for good acclimatization.
  • Northern Circuit Route quieter than other routes.
  • Hikers will get the opportunity to explore the mountain in detail and experience all of its diverse environments thoroughly The route experiences low crowd.
  • The route experiences low crowd.

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